I wish to thank the Officers and Brethren who have reposed their trust and confidence in me by
electing me Worshipful Master of this historic Lodge for the ensuing 2019 Masonic year.
Working together in peace and harmony, Brethren, we will make great progress towards
achieving our universal aims of enlightenment, fraternal affection, and charity.
I am here to suggest another way forward. I am here to observe the beginnings of a Restoration.
A new generation has arisen in the Craft to carry it forward as former generations have done,
young men drawn to the Craft by its ancient customs, eager to demand much of themselves and
meet the challenges set before them by the Craft. Far from being discouraged when they
encounter resistance, young Masons of today are only attracted more to the Craft by the high and
exacting standards set by excellence and beauty.
This year in HR Butler Lodge No. 23, excellence in ritual and beauty in ceremony will be our
watchwords. We will insist on the highest standards in the ritual, degrees and catechisms.
Finally, we will return to the lodge of ages past, those feasts of fellowship and Brotherhood
which warmed the heart and strengthened the fraternal tie. We will teach not only by severity,
but also by fraternal love and affection, in peace and harmony
"Within these holy bounds, revenge is unknown, and if a man fails, love leads him back to duty.
Then he wanders, led by friendship, joyful and happy into a better land. Within these holy walls,
where men love their fellow men, no traitor can lurk, because we forgive our enemies. He whom
such teachings do not please, does not deserve to be a man."
To all in the Craft who share our high ideals, I ask that you visit us and support us in a
remarkable year. Great and positive change is coming. With your help, the Craft will endure as it
has endured, and we will restore the Craft to its former glory.
Thank you.
Worshipful Master
Christopher Abrahams
Hr Butler Lodge #23