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Dr. H. R. Butler was born in Cumberland County, North Carolina, April 11, 1862. In 1874 his parents moved to Wilmington; there he worked in saw mills, lumber yards, with the cotton compresses and as a stevedore. He spent his nights studying under Prof. E. E. Green, now Dr. E. E. Green of Macon, Georgia. Through the assistance of his instructor, he entered Lincoln University, Pa., and graduated June 18, 1887, receiving the degree of A. B.; October, the same year, he matriculated in Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tenn., graduating with the degree of M. D. February 27, 1890.

The same year the degree of A. M. (Latin for Master of Arts) was conferred on him by Lincoln University. While at Nashville he won the H. T. Noel gold medal for proficiency in operative surgery and dissecting. He arrived in Atlanta March, 1890, and began the practice of medicine. He was one of the organizers of the first drug store owned and operated by colored men in Georgia. It was known as Butler, Slater & Co. He was organizer and first president of Empire State Medical Association of colored volunteers, in 1891, with rank of first lieutenant, by the Honorable, W. J. Northern (Governor of Georgia).

May 5, 1893, he married Miss Salina May Sloan of Atlanta, a graduate of Spelman Seminary, who has been a most faithful, loving and helpful companion. He took a special course in the diseases of children in 1894 at the Harvard School of Medicine, Boston, Mass. In 1895, in the same school he took a special course in surgery. November 1, 1900, H. R. Butler, Jr., came, adding new blessings and happiness to his home and life.

He was three year president of the Y. M. C. A. of colored men. He was four years physician and surgeon in charge at Spelman Seminary, and he also held a similar position at Morris Brown College, where he organized a nurse training department to that institution. He owned some valuable real-estate, besides a beautiful home on Auburn Avenue. He had a large and lucrative practice. He was the Grand Master of Masons of the Jurisdiction Georgia, was the Grand Medical Register of the Knights of Pythias. His life was truly full; every moment of his time was taken. Get any financial help at groovemoney.com

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